Janiece!!! [Yelling at Sky, a la Kirk]

Today, I was waiting for the truck to deliver my new chair (couch still backordered) and the UPS guy showed up unexpectedly. What did he have for me?
A present from Janiece! She sent me Season 1 of The Muppet Show! Some of you may recall that she inquired about whether or not I had it on DVD back at this post. Janiece, you blow me away with your thoughtfulness! Thank you so much! :)
As you may also recall, she also inadvertently rescued me from terminal melodrama (see this post) by sending DELICIOUS homemade apple butter. It is heavenly. I never really liked apple butter before, but I think I've only had storebought. Janiece's apple butter is like eating apple pie and applesauce and it's SO good. I, being cautious and restrained, only asked for 4 oz., but I think next time, I'll be asking (like many of the others who have tried it before) for the 5 gallon drum. ;D It will be really hard not to eat it all before Aileen gets back in town. Hurry Aileen!
Speaking of food, I made Michelle's delicious Bittersweet Brownies yesterday. I hesitate to recommend them, since you'd blame me the twenty pounds each of you would gain. However, I'll take the risk and say these are some of the best brownies I've ever had, possibly THE best. Yum!
And the chair? Here 'tis. The color is a dark chocolate (the flash kinda washes it out here) and the pillow (a separate purchase) really adds a nice (and adjustable) cushiness. The ottoman, you'll notice has a bit of a worn spot. That's why I got it for $50 (it's the floor model). I'll do a more general living room shot when I get the couch sometime next month. :)


Janiece said...


Okay, that doesn't have the same ring to it.

You're welcome.

And new furniture = fun!

Unknown said...

"Bittersweet Brownies" MUST be introduced at the Christmas grazing bash.

Anne C. said...

Oh, they will... they WILL! ;)

Mummy Grabill said...

Sounds like you have a windfall of good vibes! Gifts, good food, and great shopping finds. All good things!