Sorry I've been away from my blog without providing entertainment. Work's been a bit crazy. Building "completion" (which I put in quotes because it's a phased completion and we're approaching the first, if largest, phase, not the final completion) is scheduled for next Tuesday. Normally, this is a big deal for the contractor, but not so much for me, as all critical questions should have been resolved long ago. HOWEVER, there are a couple things that have come up late in the game that require my knowledge of code and my communication skills to bring to a close. So, it's been a bit hectic. It should be fine in the long run, but things are a little stressful until then.
The day before yesterday, I was home in the evening, but I was busy wrapping up books and putting addresses on them. Yep, I've sent out the Free Books. I did have one more salvo, but am too tired and lazy to post them here at the moment (they were kind of random books anyway), so I'll probably put them up for grabs at Paperback Swap. So, huzzah! If you asked for a book, it's on its way to you! Media mail, of course, so slower than first class mail, but I think you'll manage.
Tonight, after a little work overtime, I wasn't feeling up to going grocery shopping for dinner fixings. So, I had to be creative when I got home. I pulled out some frozen pasta, little ravioli-type pouches filled with a lemon-chicken filling, cooked it up, and then, while it was still hot, mixed it with frozen peas and canned chicken (that I really need to use, 'cause I need to cycle my canned backup foods). That seemed a bit dry, so I added a few tablespoons of sour cream and then a bit of dried dill and some salt and pepper. Voila! Yummy dinner. The only thing that it lacked was color (see photo, left). Nice to know I've still got the improv cooking mojo.

Anyway, I missed you guys and I hope to catch up on your blogs this weekend!


Unknown said...

I thought you would have roast chicken since you told me that you had been wringing the necks of so many chickens coming back to roost in this ending cycle of The Building....

Anne C. said...

Mmmm... roast chicken sounds good. It'll have to get in line behind a Canadian BLT and thai chicken curry that are scheduled for the next couple days.

Anonymous said...

Those kind of chickens tend to be tough and stringy anyway, the ones that come back home to roost. ;)

Oh how I understand the overwhelming heads down at work thing. I completely missed your paperback swap mode, I had no time to do anything more than read blog titles for days at a time. I'm sure they all have good new homes though. :)