Dining Out or Review: Gemelli's

Because I know you missed my pictures of food

My good friends, Gabe and Krissy took me out for a belated congratulatory dinner for passing my exams. We went out to Gemelli's, a new Italian place in the neighborhood. It's in an old house, set back from the street and the gardens around it both hide it and provide a lovely setting for an outdoor patio with fountains and grapevine covered walls.
We got started with fresh herb bread, herb butter, and a Pino Noir called "Hob Nob" that was delicious.
We got two appetizers, bruchetta and artichoke dip (tasty, but not as good as the family recipe). The waitress looked at Gabe funny when he said he wanted to get it to "see what artichokes taste like." Krissy and I, knowing Gabe, knew it was a ruse to get a second appetizer, so when we laughed, I think the waitress figured it out.
Gabe got the Linguini Carbonara. It was suitably bacony from the pancetta and prosciutto, but a little overly creamy, without enough white wine flavor. Good, not great.
Krissy got Gnocchi Bolognese. She really enjoyed it. I don't think she'd ever had the funny little potato pasta dumplings before. The sauce was very good too. I'm going to have that next time. ;)
I got Beef Madiera (a sauce made with Madeira wine, garlic, and rosemary), served with creamy cheese risotto. The beef was good, but the risotto was a touch too dry. Again, good, but not great.
We did get dessert - Gabe and I shared a piece of chocolate cake and Krissy had ice cream (a grouping of pistachio, chocolate, and strawberry). Good food, not great.

I would definitely go again for the beautiful patio - 5 out of 5. The food so far has been good, but not stellar - 4 out of 5.


Mummy Grabill said...

Well - if that doesn't put you in the mood for Italian food, then I don't know what would! Yumm! That steak you had looks very pink, or is that just the picture?

Unknown said...

Yes, that was my thought as well. A tad too raw?
I would like to try that wine....

Anne C. said...

It was pink (medium), but I did a double take when I saw that photo too. I think it's a dab of marinara sauce on top, like you see on Krissy's dish.

belsum said...


Anonymous said...

You know, I've had almost the exact same experience at two local Italian restaurants here in MD -- good, but not great. I ordered nothing to truly go back for, however one of them served my friend a ravioli w/ carrot sauce (the Italian grandmother's husband was allergic to tomatoes, so she invented a sauce made from carrots) that was VERY good and I'd like to order one time, all for myself!

Hob Nob, huh? I *heart* Pino Noir, so I'm going to have to see if I can find this one locally! My current go-to favorite is one called Castlerock. ;)

kimby said...

I have just come in from class, and have not eaten yet.
You are not helping.

(seriously, that stuff looks good!)