Trading a lie for a truth is not friendship.


For the rest of you:
In a painfully funny twist of irony (that will go unexplained), I got dear Janiece's homemade apple butter in the mail today. She truly is one of the most generous tell-it-like-it-is friends I've ever had. You are the bomb, Janiece. And know that your gift arrived at just the right time. :) I'll try it tomorrow morning.
I can't wait to spend time with you and Michelle and Michael (and hopefully Terry) next week!


Janiece said...

You're welcome, Anne.

And feel free to use me as your muscle if someone needs their ass kicked. Really, it's no trouble at all. :-)

Anne C. said...

Don't tempt me. ;)

Random Michelle K said...

Assignment for Michelle: Be amusing.

Umm.... have me tell you the vasectomy joke?

Anne C. said...

Michelle, that may be the first thing I ask you when i see you next week. :)

In the meantime, don't you have a something to prepare for? ;)

Mummy Grabill said...

I'll bring the homemade biscuits when I get home - I expect to share the Apple Butter! ;-)

Anne C. said...

Aileen, it is *heavenly*! Like eating apple pie!

(I hope there's some left when you get back. ;)