Sweet Dreams

A long while back, a friend pointed out that my bed is under-pillowed. I "only" have two (and they're pretty old, too). Then, I slept in a couple beds that had more than the standard two and I realized that, yes, my bed is under-pillowed.
So, today I went out and [woo hoo!] bought a couple new pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond. A salesperson offered to help me, but as my process is basically looking for a mid-range priced pillow and squishing them until I find one that feels good, he really couldn't help much. (Turns out I like feathers.) I got one for $15 and one for $30 (I like all my pillows to different, so I have variety). I'm interested to find out if there's a difference in the quality. I also got bamboo (Oooooh) pillowcases. If they wear well, I know what kind of sheets to get next time.

Later: Grrrr. I just looked at the receipt and the girl at the checkout rang up both pillows as if they were the same kind. I would't be complaining if she had picked the cheaper one, but no, she rang up the more expensive one twice. I guess it's worth $15 to go get it corrected. :P

Well, I was going to say I'm looking forward to going to bed, but this mistake has made me irritated. Oh well. It'll be fixed. I also was going to go to bed early, but in 15 minutes, it will be 9:30, bedtime. [sigh] Oh well.

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Mummy Grabill said...

Oh that is sooooooo annoying when that happens! You just feel like its another unnecessary task you have to complete the next day (as if you didn't have enough of those!).