Dip Into the Past

I had lunch at Olive Garden with my uncle Sam today. We had the soup and salad combo, as usual. Zuppa Toscana for me, Minestrone for him.
He's doing alright. I told him about the stuff I've been up to. He didn't have much to add about his own. We ended up talking about WWII and his brothers, particularly his brother, Dick. I guess that's 'cause he's been watching The War on PBS. He told me about how interesting it is to remember personal associations with certain events mentioned in the film.
As always, it was very nice to see him.

Also, my sister sent me this fascinating link to an image that's supposed to test which side of your brain is dominant. It's fascinating. And yes, it's possible to see it switch directions. I saw counter-clockwise, but after a minute, I could see it going clockwise.


belsum said...

That thing is trippy. I totally couldn't get it to switch.

At any rate, I just wanted to say, "Yay for Olive Garden!" I haven't been since coming back from vacation (we're so broke...) but I adore the never-ending pasta bowl.

Anne C. said...

Vacation does tend to put one back at square one, financially speaking, doesn't it?
I hope you do a good post about France. I know when you got back, you posted about how The Captain did, but...
Nevermind. I just peeked at your blog and see that you have posted about your France trip. Yay!