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Fred Willard (aka "Paul, Paul, the... pig on the ball") is in a new show called Back to You, with Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. The show's your typical sitcom (so not worth watching) but it was nice to see him and remember the good ol' days with Fairy Tale Theater.
He was also the announcer in Best in Show, which Aileen finally saw recently and enjoyed.

I'm a little bit nervous about the exam on Friday. I kinda wish I had planned it for Monday, so I'd have the weekend to practice, but I had wanted to have a weekend "off" to celebrate finishing the graphic exams and I couldn't really do that if I finished them on Monday. So, I'll prepare as best as I can and then enjoy the weekend! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous on Saturday, so maybe I'll go for a motorcycle ride, go up to visit Susan or Max (and Jenn) or stop by Gregg and Amy's on the way back to Denver. And, I'd love to do some baking. And I need to organize the garage. And maybe I'll see a movie (though I don't know what's on right now). We'll see. Right now, I should be studying, so... cheerio, folks!

Later: Yeesh. I need to practice that interior layout stuff some more. The time constraint is killing me on that one. I've done the building layout once and did a decent job, but I'm definitely planning to practice that at least once more. The interior layout is just not as easy for me as the other stuff was. Practice practice. I think I'll skip the gym tomorrow and do a practice test instead.

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