Loose Woman

I got a massage this afternoon and Wow, did it help. He did a great job and had very reasonable prices ($45 for 1 hour) -- I think I'm going back regularly, like once a month.
The picture on the left is because the massage room was blue and decorated with pictures of dolphins. The light was painted blue to give the feeling of being underwater. The music was nice (not ocean sounds though, which would have completed the experience). His style of massage is very similar to my Aunt Ruth's, which is a big compliment. AND he didn't introduce the idea of regular visits, I did, and his response was to give me his "usual spiel" of "if you get a massage regularly, even if it's not here..." I like that.
So, I'm relaxed and ready for a study-rific weekend.


Unknown said...

Contrary to yesterday's topic ... I think commitment to something so theraputic is a good thing! We both wee one of Ruthie's friends up here on a regular basis and its one of the wisest investments we've made.

Mummy Grabill said...

For some reason I've never "taken" to massages. It seems that ALL my friends and family love them, but no matter how many times I've tried them (different people and places) I just don't enjoy them the way I think I'm "supposed" to. I guess I just prefer a nice manicure or pedicure for relaxation.

Anne C. said...

Have you ever gotten one from Ruthie? I practically fall asleep on the table.
The style of the massage has A LOT to do with how relaxing it is. Some people go to have deep pressure on knots in thier muscles. I do not. I hate deep pressure, 'cause it *hurts*. Kind of like some women love facials. I don't enjoy the pain and raw feeling skin, no matter what I look like afterwards.
I don't know how you're "supposed to" enjoy massages. It's not like a religious experience or something. I just like lying down and not being expected to do anything (not even talk).

To be honest, I don't count anything that I have to pay for as truly (long term) relaxing. It's like saying you save money at a sale or save gas by driving a hybrid. You're taking on stress in order to have money to get rid of stress. Not very efficient.

This reminds me: Did you ever use that massage gift certificate I gave you last spring?