Sleeping Next to Your Partner

I like seeing things that are contrary to stereotypes:

Psychologist Wendy Troxel isn’t surprised to see that men do better when sleeping in a shared bed. Studies have shown that men are very dependent on close relationships — contrary to popular stereotypes, says Troxel, a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh who has studied how the quality of a relationship affects overall health and sleep in men and women.

In general, men show much clearer benefits from committed relationships, Troxel says. “My research shows that married men are much happier and healthier than unmarried men," she adds. “The findings are much less consistent with women.”

- from an MSNBC article about couples' sleep patterns by Linda Carroll


Mummy Grabill said...

Okay this is going to sound cynical but . . . that's because men in committed relationships are being "taken care of" (on average) while the women in committed relationships just have someone extra to take care of! LMAO

But really, this sounds fascinating. I wonder how they measured it.

Anne C. said...

True. :)

Unknown said...

They measure it by how broad the smile of the guy is when he wakes up. Also, how much his weight goes up each month.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Figures you girls would turn it around to be about you ... it's plain to see that men in committed relationships are happy purely because the have found suitable replacements for their mums. Women in committed relationships are not quite as happy because most of them realize that, sadly, the DID find someone just like their dads and only realized now how dependent their dads are becoming. =)

Unknown said...

.... then again, it could come back to the age old saying:

A man marries a woman hoping she won't change, a woman marries a man hoping he will.

I'll bet that the researcher's test group was weighted toward couples in realatively new relationships (before she changed but after she realised he wouldn't).