Well, I got my money back from Bed Bath & Beyond. Good customer service, yay!
I also went on a wild goose chase for a store that a friend told me about. So, when I got back home, I was pretty pooped.

However, two things revived me:
1. Going out to see the Hunter's Moon (I tried to take a picture, but it just looks like a bright white dot in a sea of black. None of the cool details you can see with your eyes.)
2. Talking to my brother on the phone. He's just started a new job, and it seems like a pretty good place for him, good perks and whatnot (ppbbbbttt, Max & Brian! :P). He reminded me to go watch some "webisodes" (little videos on the internet) for Battlestar Galactica.

The BSG webisodes follow young Bill Adama. They're very short -- around 2 1/2 minutes -- so it's hard to get anything beyond a basic storyline, but the effects are good. (True to BSG form, they have a sex scene right at the beginning of the first one, but in thier defense, is there any quicker way to show how close two people are than by a sex scene followed by dialog? A bit of an easy shortcut, I agree.) There are three webisodes up, and the third one has a space dogfight in it that reminds me how far special effects have come in describing how ships might move in space. I once heard them described as "flippy little ships." They are, indeed, wonderfully manuverable. The BSG people are getting us ready for a spin-off TV movie about Battlestar Pegasus, the other ship BSG runs across during thier travels. It should be good, but we have to wait until the end of November. The question I have is: when are they releasing the DVDs of season three?

Now, I think I am going to go to bed early, like I had planned to yesterday. Yes, my life is thrilling, isn't it?


voyagerinmo said...

I'll let you know as soon as I find out the release date (it's on my Christmas wish list), but the other mystery (the really, really screwy one) is why Sci-Fi Channel is planning to split Season 4 (20 episodes) and run it over a two-year period, so that the series will actually end in 2009, not next year as it normally would. How's that for delayed gratification? :-)


voyagerinmo said...

And here's the latest tentative release date, courtesy of the guys at The Digital Bits' Rumor Mill: Spring 2008 (so no set for Christmas, darn!)


voyagerinmo said...

LOL ... according to the LA Times, Sci-Fi is now reconsidering their decision to split Season 4, but here's the reason for the DVD delay: they've pushed back the start of S4 until April (so no DVD release until the season starts, and apart from Razor and the webisodes, no new BSG until next Spring).

However, if you're really desperate, they've already released the S3 box set in the UK (and it's on sale on Amazon's UK website).

Anne C. said...

Heh. Thanks, voy. I think I'd have to have a DVD player that played more regions than just Region 1 (US) DVDs.
Very irritating that they're strategizing so much. It's going to end, for goodness sake. Let's just get it over with! (It also irritates me that I thought they were going to come out with Season 3 DVDs before Razor, so I deleted the saved episodes on my TiFaux.)