A Good Day

Today I got up, went and did some errands AND went to the gym. (I know, on a weekend? But I haven't had much time to do so for the last two weeks, so I've been dying to go.) When I got back I started clearing out the garage. I'm throwing some stuff away, but most of it went into the basement temporarily. Because I had to make room to put the bike in a more out of the way location for the winter, I decided I could reorganize the garage and buy some shelving to organize it on. I love elfa shelving (and it's even on sale for $285, 25% off this weekend!), because of its modularity. When I have more money, I could use the same system and expand it. And, because it's modular, I'd be able to customize it to exactly what I need. BUT, that's a lot of money, especially when I can buy a couple of these Rubbermaid Shelves and maybe one of these Tool Organizers ('cause it looks cool) for half the price. [sigh] Practicality, it's hard to argue against.

Anyway, after I finished up emptying the garage, I took my (probably) last motorcycle ride of the year. I went on I-70 to 56 to Golden, then north on 93 to Boulder (where there was a bunch of traffic for a CU Boulder football game, grrr). I did a little bit of searching at that point, 'cause I thought I wanted 157, but I actually wanted 119, but I found it and headed northeast to Longmont. Finally, I headed south on Countyline Road to Lowell and thence to home (with a little jog over to Federal where Lowell doesn't continue through). See the map to the left for my circuit. (Ignore the yellow markers, I just used them to show turning points.)
The weather was gorgeous Colorado fall weather. A storm system is pushing some warm air in front of it, so we had a warm day, with temps reaching the 70s, and tomorrow it will be 39 for the high. It was not too cold, not too hot. (I did wear my chaps, just in case, but took the liner out of my jacket.) The scenery was, of course, lovely. I didn't go up into the mountains, but skirted the foothills and went through lots of farmland. It was a bit windy at times, but not too bad. The landscape was all yellow and brown, very fall. I called my family in the area, but neither Gregg and Amy nor Aileen and Brian were at home when I was in their area, so no visiting. Maybe next time.
I got back with plenty of sunshine and warm weather to spare (though it was getting noticeably cooler), so I let the cats out to play and I did a repeat of the tea, cheese, fig jam, and a good book routine. It was lovely.
Now, I think I'll do some laundry (which has gotten way behind) and watch some Heroes. It's getting very tense here at the end. They did a very good job showing how bad the baddie is and then in the following episode, showed his vulnerability as he was faced with his own death and possibility of mass murder (as opposed to serial killing, which he is fine with). It's very well done. Also, they showed what the heroes might be like if they failed and Peter Petrelli is yummy as a bad-boy good guy. [Grrrrrowl]

Hope the weekend is treating you all well!

Oh, and I survived my first sneeze-while-driving-a-motorcycle! I hate sneezing while driving, so when I had to sneeze on the bike, I thought "uh oh." It was fine, of course. No worse than sneezing while driving a car.

And one more tidbit - I canceled my landline (phone) recently. The gal at the phone company asked if my address would be the same, so they could send me a statement. "Great," I thought, "How much are they going to charge me to turn off the phone?" Turns out they gave me money, 'cause you're always paying for the upcoming month in advance. You could have knocked me over with a feather. The phone company - aka Evil Incarnate -- turns out to be a normal business after all. Wow!

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Anonymous said...

Those romps around looking at nature and just relaxing are fabulous. My hubby and I do it often with the dogs in the back of the truck.
Glad the first round of tests are behind you and wish you luck on the next group.
We came close to cancelling our landline. But because the internet is ran through it, we didn't. But it has no long distance and costs us to make even a local call. We can have unlimited calls coming in. We use our cell phones for everything.