School Daze

I'm learning how to study all over again.
Fortunately, I picked a relatively easy exam for my first multiple choice exam.
I started reading for it this weekend. On Saturday I read the first chapter and it was slow going, but I did pretty good (80%) on the end-of-the-chapter quiz. Then, on Sunday morning, I was thinking "Hey, maybe it would be a good idea to take notes while I read..." DUH! As soon as I started doing that, it was a little less dull. I had to engage my brain a little more to take the information and condense it into what I thought I should write down. Plus, writing it down helps me remember stuff. The second chapter seems much longer, but I think that's because the material is a bit denser. Regardless, the studying is going better - though I'm still thoroughly undisciplined about it. :P
It was funny relearning how to study though. Very odd sensation.

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