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I just noticed that my post yesterday was my 400th post. Woo hoo!

If I didn't believe the weather reports (which I often don't, since weather in CO is so variable), I did believe the warm front. So I wasn't surprised when I got up this morning and saw snow falling outside. OK, I thought it would be later in the day.
I went to the gym, and when I was done, I was getting my stuff from the lockers and saw a cooking segment on a news show, where they were roasting vegetables. It looked so good (and I've been on a bit of a vegetable kick), I had to stop by the grocery store and get a bunch of veg to roast. Well, I was already planning to stop and get some chocolate chips. One of the fun things I plan to do this weekend is make chocolate chip cookies. Mmm! All they had were Nestle chips (hrrrm... I usually get Ghiradelli), but I bought them anyway. I figured I survived childhood with Nestle, I would probably be able to make decent cookies with them.

Have a great weekend!

Later: As you can see, I made A LOT of vegetables. I included: two yellow potatoes, two red potatoes, a Russet potato, a sweet potato, a yam, a turnip, three carrots, a butternut squash, a celery root, an onion, garlic, two red bell peppers, two summer squash, two zucchini, and three portobello mushrooms. I didn't put a lot of each of these, but obviously, it adds up. It turned out yummy, however. A good thing, since I have a bunch of leftovers. ;)

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Mummy Grabill said...

Um, wow, okay . . . now that you've practiced, when are you gonna have us over for dinner. :)