Last of the Graphic Exams

I took the Building Planning Exam today. I was nervous, 'cause I wasn't sure about getting part of it done in time. I only recently started completing it within the time limit, and I wasn't sure if that was just because I was seeing the same ol' program with my own changes in it, or 'cause I was actually getting better.

I apparently prepared enough. The interior layout went like clockwork. I even had time and space in the drawing to decide what looked best and how would they actually want it in the real world. Wow. Didn't think I'd be able to do that.
The building design went fine as well. I had time to fiddle over requirement interpretation. I had the time to put in very literal interpretations, so the resulting design is not as clean and simple as I would like, but it fulfills all the requirements. (I hope!)

I think I did everything right, but of course there's that nagging thought of "what if you left out something vital?" So, I wait. And start studying for the first of the multiple choice exams. After I take the weekend off. Yippee! :D

(A co-worker tried to joke that ignorance is bliss, but I had to correct him. NOT when you're waiting for test results!)