The Wedding: A Photo Digest

There are many many photos of my brother's recent wedding, but these catch the spirit of it.
First things first, the happy couple - Max & Jenn (Photo Credit: Jen A)

I love this one of my dad and my cousin, Leandro, preparing the video recorder and microphone before the wedding. Leandro was one of my super-fun houseguests. (Photo Credit: Jen A, my other super-fun houseguest)

I love love love this photo of my sister and BIL with their new baby. I'm thinking about getting it framed. (Photo Credit: Jen A, again!)

Me with my brother's good friend, now MY good friend, and a fabulous photographer and houseguest, Jen A. (Photo Credit: Max?)

And lastly, me with Gregg, my excellent brother and my partner down the aisle (the non-posed shots of our walk up and down the aisle, he was more serious - this one shows the great family smile) (Photo Credit: the lovely Amy, Gregg's wife)


Janiece said...

I've been meaning to call you and demand wedding news/photos, but I knew you had company, so was TRYING TO CONTAIN MYSELF.

I'm glad I didn't have to go all insistent on your butt.

I love all the pics, and it looks like everything was lovely.

Congrats Max and Jenn!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks for the photo credits! :) I'm still struggling with what to say about my trip to Colorado because there's SO MUCH I want to say... and all that comes out is...


The people here in MD are seriously getting tired of it. LOL

Stacey said...

Janeice - there are numerous wedding photos to be gotten from the Facebook portion of our lives.
onewandering - what's taking you so long to get back here ;) You certainly have a seat at our table anytime you want it.
Anne - you looked so beautiful in your purple dress; the pictures don't do you justice.

kimby said...

The photos are lovely...and ANNE you are stunning!
(of course so was the bride and groom, but..just saying...)

Anne C. said...

Thanks for your patience, Janiece. ;) I'll be seeing you tomorrow, so I can share any further stories then, if you like. Stacey's right - there are lots of great photos on FB. I'll dig up a link for you.

One, I figured that was the case. You took so many awesome photos (don't forget to send me a CD!) and there are so many great stories.

And thank you, Stacey and Kim, for your compliments. [blush]

Ilya said...

Great happy pictures, Anne! Felicitations to your brother and his wife!

Anne C. said...

Thank you, Ilya!

Tom said...

Anne, I love the one showing your halo!

At first I thought it was a hat, then a halo, then just a prosaic window in the background. But I like the halo idea the best. :)

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Tom! I hadn't realized that's what it looked like until another friend pointed it out. She asked me if I was being good and I replied, "yes, but only because I've been too busy to be bad." ;)