Not Going As Well As I'd Hoped

My computer (now approaching 5 years old) had been getting slower and slower and less and less reliable. On Monday, I even got a minor blue screen of death (a blue screen of a flesh wound?). So, brilliant tactician that I am, I decided to backup all my info and reformat my hard drive, in the middle of a very busy week.
The problem that has emerged, however, is that the 5 year old disk of Windows XP (version 1) that I have is so old, it can't automatically find my cable internet connection (which is, essentially all the help desk tells you to do). I thought I'd solved the problem when I found the disk that came with my recently purchased netbook. That disk claims to be Windows XP Home, service pack 3 (for Ultra Low Cost PCs). Well, at least it was more up to date than the other. Somehow it's still not managing to find the modem or the wireless network. I even put in the setup disk for the wireless network device and it still doesn't "see" the network connection.
I think I want Service Pack 2 (which, I belive is the appropriate version for my desktop).
What I *really* want is for the internet and my desktop to get to know each other so I can run the updates.
We'll see. I have several techie friends - it's just a matter of finding the time to bribe one of them to visit my computer. In the meantime, I'll continue to fiddle with it.

Also in the meantime, I can get by with the netbook. Once again, thank goodness for the netbook. One of the better impulse buys I've ever gotten.

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