Food Tweet

This afternoon, I "tweeted" (that is, said something on Twitter) the following:
What does one eat when one really doesn't feel like eating?

I wanted to reply to the answers I got, but not in the 140 character space. So, I'll do it here. Welcome to my head!


For whatever reason, I wasn't feeling very hungry and a friend had suggested we go out and have a drink at a place that has free (crappy) tacos during happy hour. I would rather part with a little of my precious cash than eat crap, so I generally buy something inexpensive and only have one drink. I was trying to imagine what on earth I would want to eat, even if I could choose from anywhere anything to eat. Hence, the question.

MWT replied: soup?
Actually, this is a great answer, as I generally love soup. I am, however, also a bit picky about my soup and it's hard to think of many places that have soup I enjoy as much as my own (too much time and effort for that night). Those two places are Olive Garden (I LOVE their Zuppa Toscana) and Jim Wright's house (where I've never been, but his description of making clam chowder (my favorite) sounds divine).

Oomphasis replied: Ice cream
Another good answer, but only if you specify Real Italian (or Argentine) gelato, not standard ice cream. Having grown up eating gelato when we visited family in South America, I developed a bit of a ice cream snobbery. [shrug] Oh well. More ice cream for you!

Anaedream said (and I don't even think this was directed at me): Pawk chawps and applesawce, beyotch!!!
Yum! Now I'm hungry for pork chops and applesauce.

And before you ask, I got an a la carte chicken burrito. It was Ok. No pork chops and applesauce, but Ok.

Edited to Add: Just found that the same question on Facebook (my tweets do double duty as FB status updates) yielded the following responses:
- nachos, or pudding
- nachos AND pudding

(Close, I scooped up some of my chicken burrito filling with especially good tortilla chips, plus I had a vanilla yogurt for dessert.)
- mac and cheese
(Mmmm... good, but I didn't have any on hand. Steamed veg with mozzarella melted on top is good too.)
- scrambled eggs and toast, or oatmeal
(Actually, I had this for breakfast, with some mushrooms and peas mixed in with the eggs.)
- air (thanks Gabe)
- fruit

(Good answer. Will keep this one in mind next time I'm at a loss.)
- chips and wine
(Again, close. I had some yummy tortilla chips and a glass of wine later. Generally, I keep a tasty cracker on hand and have it with butter.)

What do you do when you know you should eat but don't feel like it? Do you force yourself? I'm finding that the older I get, the more I'm aware of my sugar levels affecting my mood. Do you notice that?


Charley said...

Standard options include some fig newtons for me, maybe a few crackers. But when i know I should eat but don't want something I'll beat it off with a cup of coffee and some water.

Not brilliant, i know, but it does the trick if you couple it with some biscotti or something...

kimby said...

My fall back "have to eat" snack...
is Peanut Butter on whole wheat toast.
Protein, and just enough to fill the hole.

Stacey said...

Yes, I noticed your eating affects your mood :p

Seriously, I have found the same to be true for me as well.

Anne C. said...

I'm sure you *have* noticed that I'm more cheerful after I've eaten, Stacey. ;)

belsum said...

PB on toast for me, too, but add a slice of cheese on top.

And yes, I force myself to eat because mama has to make milk.

MWT said...

I tend to go for soup. ;)

But yeah, finding good soups out of restaurants can be challenging. A lot of them tend to be oversalted - especially if they're the kind that come frozen and condensed in a plastic bag from a soup factory somewhere. Lucky for me, there's a Japanese restaurant across the street, and I can get freshly-made miso.

Anne C. said...

Jealous of the miso soup!

Yeah, I find the broth soups are overly salty and the cream soups and way too thick and floury.

I may have to make Jim's Clam Chowder soon though... Mmmmm