Online Comics

I have mentioned before on this blog an online comic strip that I read, PvP (short for Player vs. Player). The artist is funny, geeky, and occasionally deals with deep themes. All these are key elements to a good comic strip.
A couple weeks ago, his beloved beagle died. So, his comic artist friends volunteered to do guest strips for him to give him a bit of grieving space. During that time, one of his guest artists caught my eye. I spent most of yesterday morning procrastinating while catching up on her strip, and I'm definitely adding her to the reading list. Her strip is called Girls with Slingshots, and the protagonists are, you guessed it, independently-minded girls. The subject matter can be risque (these are modern girls with modern attitudes towards sex and drinking) and the characters are well drawn (literally and figuratively). They are well rounded and funny - what most sitcom characters wish they could be. I recommend it, especially if you are, or appreciate a, modern woman.

ETA: The artist, Danielle, is from the area where I grew up (she now lives in Shepherdstown, West Virgina) and since she supports herself with (comic) stripping, she has some great ways for her readers to support her endeavors, including an art supply wishlist. Isn't that cool?


Charley said...

I'm a big fan of some online comics as well - and to show how much of a gaming geek I am, one of my favorites is HealBot Blues, the story of a Monk in Guild Wars :). Thanks for the update on the slingshot girls. the name alone demands investigation!

Random Michelle K said...

I've been reading Girls with Slingshots for awhile now. Sometimes it's up, sometimes down, but over all I like it.

Aside from xkcd, I like The Order of the Stick, which is an RPG comic and Basic Instructions, which is just plain awesome. ("Or a small cat barfing right in your ear. Either way you're done sleeping:)

John the Scientist said...

Plus Danielle is from our neck of the woods, over in Shepherdstown. I've been following her for a while.

Anne C. said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention that, John. It's like we grew up at the hub of the universe, isn't it? I'm adding that to the main post, in addition to some other fun stuff I found out.

Nathan said...

OK, I caught the GWS bug. You owe me 1/2 a day (that I spent reading 12 years worth of it).

Anne C. said...

Bwah! That happened to me too. :D

Glad you enjoyed it, Nathan.