Birthday Week

One of the best things about birthdays is all the free food you get...

Kidding, of course!

I did get treated to several nice meals this week though:
- Stacey made me a peanut butter and apricot jelly sandwich and took me to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They're having a very cool exhibit on natural disasters (hurricanes, volcanoes, etc.). We had a great time geeking out to the neat science. :)
- Janiece treated me to lunch at the heavenly Junz. (Observant readers will note that this was the same restaurant we went to the night I met UrbanDK for the first time.) I had miso soup, yummy yummy risotto, and three types of sushi, Negihama (yellowtail and green onion rolls), Maguro (tuna nigiri), and Unagi (freshwater eel). YUM! And, of course, I had Janiece's delightful company. Always a pleasure. We also had the delicious rice pastry wrapped mango ice cream and the restaurant gave it to us on the house, because Janiece mentioned it was my birthday. Very nice of them.
- I also got treated to dinner at New Saigon, where I got the combination noodle bowl, which they've improved with a slightly spicier marinade. My friend, FS, did not remember it was my birthday, but happily picked up the tab when our conversation revealed that it had recently occurred. (I have to admit, in my fiscal situation, I have become even more aware and alert to situations where things sound (to my ear) like a hint for people to pay for me or buy something for me. I didn't *want* to say it was my birthday, as I suspected my friend hadn't remembered, but it kinda featured largely in the events of the previous weekend. [sigh] I guess it's sometimes unavoidable.)

So, here it is, midweek and I also got a just-because postcard from Kate!

You can see it's a just-because card because it shows the lovely fall foliage of New England. How much more non-sequitur can you get than that? ;)
Thank you, Kate!

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