Geek Love

I was getting caught up on my TiVo today and ran across something so utterly sweet and enjoyable, I'm saving it to rewatch.
The CSI (the original, Vegas, one, not the shudder inducing dreck of CSI:Miami) episode of April 16, titled "A Space Oddity" is a one of those comedy relief episodes that you generally get about once per season. The basic story is that Hodges and Wendy run into each other at a science fiction convention and discover that they are both fans of AstroQuest, a clear riff on Star Trek, the original series. They quickly become enmeshed in the murder of the week, that of a TV producer who has just unveiled his new project, a "redux" or re-imagining of AstroQuest, replacing its antiseptic and heroic qualities with a gritty space drama with antiheroes. You can watch the full episode online, if you missed it (look for the one titled CSI: A Space Oddity). Keep an eye out for cameos from actors from Battlestar Galactica, and hilariously (as a fan yelling "you suck!") Ron Moore, creator and producer of the re-imagined BSG (that is spoofed with the Redux AstroQuest).
The funny and sweet budding romance of Hodges and Wendy is so cute. (You guys know me - I don't often get so sentimental!) I adore stories of geek love. I think it's a combination of finding someone who really gets you, even if you're not mainstream, and geeks. I would not say I'm a true geek, since I'm too much of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, but I love geeks and some of my favorite people are geeks. I dabble in the trademark activities like D&D, computer games, Star Trek, and Transformers, so I have many of the reference points to enjoy the humor like that found in the CSI episode. The spoofing was funny and the romance was well handled - not too sugary, not too certain - I loved it. (And this from the gal who usually avoids romantic comedies like the plague.)
Highly recommended!

What are your thoughts on geek love?

PS - Funny coincidence... I just saw Laurence Fishburne on M.A.S.H.!


John the Scientist said...

Like you I have a lot of the credentials but really don't consider myself a geek.

Then again, "geek" is a relative term. A lot of people would point to the fact that both my wife and I are Physical Chemists and say that's geek love right there. :D

Eric said...

I have come to embrace my geekiness. Revel in it. Took me a long, long time to get here, and sometimes I still get a little shy about it. But yes, I'm a total, utter geek.

As for "geek love," no real thoughts or ideas. Sorry.

Anne C. said...

Good for you, Eric. Geekiness can be glorious. And for some women, it can be a real turn-on. (Actually, the owning-who-you-are is too.)

Charley said...

As a geek, I'm all about geek love - bring it! Geeks should rule the world anyway, don't you think?

I mean, come on, how can you not love discussions about geeky things in bed leading to passionate love ;)

Stacey said...

I'm a Geek with a capital G. My husband would also classify himself as Geek with a little Nerd thrown in.(He did go to IIT, the MIT of the midwest, school of Geeks)
I'm with Charley, geeky topics soon turn to love....