Halleujah, one of my IT knights is helping me with my computer. Everyone (including me) is super busy this week, but my BIL's busyness is localized to mainly around home (he has a little downtime when the new baby has downtime). So, he's agreed to help me and the mountain has gone to Mohammed (the CPU is now at his house). I am SO appreciative of this. It sucks to have things stuck inside the backup space that I want/need. Yay for my harem of geeks!

I'll be very busy for the next few days (in fact today was one of them):

My mum and I are making the wedding cake for my brother's wedding, plus I have houseguests. Friday is all the rehearsal stuff and Saturday is the big day itself. Sunday, I'm not sure what is up. I'll still have houseguests and quite a few of the extended family members will still be around.

So, make yourself at home, entertain yourselves, and don't worry about getting chocolate stains on the couch, it's already chocolate brown.


vince said...

Have fun with family and the wedding, and hurray for your BIL IT knight.

Anne C. said...

Thanks, Vince. :)

Charley said...

I'm not sure which I like more - your invitation to have chocolate or the fact that you have a harem.

Jeri said...

Enjoy the wedding - and don't let the preparations get you too stressed out. :)