A Good Day

Easter brunch at my cousins':
4 kinds of deviled eggs
mousse pâté with a mustard relish on bread or little toasts
duck confit
pan fried duck breast
roasted carrots and parsnips
green herbed salad
strawberry and custard tart
homemade vanilla ice cream

Thank you so much, Susan and Mike!

(My cousin, Susan, and her dad, Mike, are hobbyist gourmet cooks. I missed their Thanksgiving feast last year, so I was way overdue for some of their fine cooking.

It was wonderful to see my extended family. I haven't seen some of them in a long time! We had an egg hunt, I got to help take care my new nephew, and I had some great conversations getting caught up and hearing some great advice. Afterwards, I was tired, but feeling quite tranquil. Good food and company can do that for you.)

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Mummy Grabill said...

Yes - it was a good day! The food was fantastic and Auntie Anne is so good a getting a fussy Alex to calm down and go to sleep. She knows just how to hold him! :-)