Stress Eating

I have discovered, via trial and error, that I am not a stress eater. For proof, I submit the tin of brownies that sat around the house for nearly a week. Ok, I can't submit it, since I eventually took it to my sister's to be demolished. But I swear, it's true.

However, I am a stress cook/baker, provided, of course, that I can get up the energy to do it. AND I will, particularly under emotional stress, eat increased quantities of dark chocolate (maybe 2 or 3 oz, not whole bars).

How about you? What do you eat when you're stressed?


kimby said...

I too am a stress baker...which helps my other stress-fighting-tool..stress eating.
Not really picky on what it is, as long as it is NOT healthy. That is the only stipulation. IT MUST BE BAD FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...

When I'm under an average amount of stress, I CLEAN. But I must admit, I'm also pretty partial to meals with marinara/cheese, and cookie dough when I'm stressed.

If my stress levels rise too high, though, I totally shut down and become an intense chocolate milk drinker while watching movies and trying to make a dent in the mattress on my side of the bed/couch. LOL

belsum said...

I'm a stress sleeper.

Hey Anne, this post of my friend's seemed like the kind of thing you would enjoy. I really like the "We are all maps to each other" quote.

Anne C. said...

I'm a stress sleeper.

Me too. Sunday night, I went to bed at 7:30 and got up at 8 the next morning.
Fortunately, being unemployed, I can do this more often than not.