Food For Thought

From an advice column I read regularly:

Giving is a risk. Loving is a risk. Kindness is a risk. All demand that we drop our defenses; all allow the recipients of these gifts the opportunity to hurt us.

ETA: Coming back after a long walk, I can see how someone might misinterpret this post. Here's the part I left off...

All these things have risks, but it doesn't mean it's not worth it! You would never get anywhere if you didn't accept the risks.

And a favorite quote of mine (I don't know where it's from):

To be is to be vulnerable.

I kind of read this as the inverse. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you are allowing yourself to truly BE.


Max Cutrell said...

Apparently investing is a risk as well.

WHO'D A THUNK IT!!!!!!!!!1111111

vince said...

Anne, I think your post is dead on, but I'm sorry, I had to laugh at Max. That was the perfect comment.

Random Michelle K said...

I like reading the Dali Lama for thoughts like that.

Sometimes a sentence or two is more thought provoking than an essay.

Random Michelle K said...

Here's one for you:

Always keep a song in your heart
it's like karaoke for the voices in your head.

Anne C. said...

Oooh, good suggestion, Michelle. I have a little volume by the Dali Lama called "The Power of Compassion" that I got while I was in India. I might do a little reading in that to find some good food for thought.