Insomnia Cure

A quote from my LEED certification studies. It's not really taken out of context, since the paragraph preceding and succeeding it do not enlighten the reader on any of the terms contained therein.

"Fan energy is separated from the cooling system in the Performance Rating Method. Thus, if the HVAC manufacturer provides an overall efficiency rating, such as an energy efficiency ratio (EER), it must be separated into the component energy using the coefficient of performance (COP) or other conversion (Equations G-A, G-B, G-C, Pages G-24 and G-26 of the ASHRAE 90.1, I-2004 User's Manual)."

[I yawn as I am poked awake]

Wha? Where am... Oh yeah... Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is a summary of a complex method to determine the relative efficiencies of two HVAC systems. However, it is meaningless without the actual method being described or shown in any way. Not to mention that it's buried in a pile of similar paragraphs trying to describe other complex methods for other components.

This particular section is NOT well written for the uninitiated.

If anyone is having trouble sleeping, give me a call. I'll read aloud from this book for a paragraph or two.


Janiece said...

Sorry - I started snoozing at "HVAC."

Now, if you really want to go down the nerdfest road, let's compare the methodology of erlang "A," "B," and "C" theory!

Hello? ::tap, tap::

This thing on?

Anonymous said...

*raises hand*

I'm catching up on 24 on the laptop, hoping for a yawn or two...

Nothing so far. Wanna FedEx some homework?!

MWT said...

Hmm. Well, those sentences make grammatical sense.

As for HVAC systems. Mine makes dripping noises when the AC is running, and sometimes I wonder if I should be alarmed.

Anne C. said...

MWT, that dripping sound is condensation, which is a common byproduct of the AC. In theory, there is a drip pan in there to capture the condensate until it evaporates. Some apartments I've seen a pipe sticking out of the ceiling over the tub (so that the tub acts as the drip pan).

You probably only need to worry if you see water stains on the ceiling. :)

Charley said...

Shroedinger's Cat ;)