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First, a little background: I was glancing over my Google Reader this morning, seeing who had posted and what they had posted. I like keeping up to date with some of my favorite people. Google Reader has a feature that allows you to "favorite" (or put a gold star by) posts. I use this typically, to identify stuff I want to be able to come back to - usually recipes.
For some reason, this post at HCDSM was starred. I don't recall why. In looking over the post, I saw something that hadn't been there when I had seen it before - Jim's comment. I clicked through on the link he'd provided and the heavens opened up and I heard angels singing. (Or was it Satan chuckling? Because *oooh* the gluttony and food lust that sprang up in me was like a tidal wave.)

Check it out (be sure to have a towel for all the drool): Foodgawker.com

So thank you, Jim, for pointing us to this site and thank you, Google Reader for inexplicably having a star next to Janiece's post prompting Jim's comment.

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Jim Wright said...

Foodgawker is the best recipe site on the web, Anne. I've gotten dozens of ideas off it, but mostly I just like to, uh, well, gawk. :)

My wife calls it "window shopping" for food.