Duty and Procrastination

This weekend is, apparently, a study in opposites. I'm getting a little nervous about the LEED exam on Tuesday morning, and I'm trying to a) finish reading the reference guide and b) look a some of the supplementary study materials that a friend sent me.

HOWEVER, despite my anxiety, I am also feeling highly distractable by any of the following things:
- an emotionally charged (but trivial) discussion with someone on the internet
- Farmtown (this should have its own post) and any other Facebook games
- making a spreadsheet for Farmtown and figuring out how I could do a screen capture (for said blog post and desktop background)
- trying to figure out my mp3 player/PC interface problems
- snacking
- catching up with friends' blogs
- tidying up the kitchen
- etc.

I did go to see my Aunt Ruth on Friday to make a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup, then stopped by my sister's to say hi to my BIL and the baby, and had lunch with my Uncle Sam yesterday. So, not all of my time has been procrastinating!

I hate studying, by the way. Sigh. So back to the grindstone.


Janiece said...

Good luck!

Jeri said...

Best wishes on your test!

Stacey said...

You're gonna do well. You have done all the prep work possible and have worked yourself up to a perfect, pre-test frenzy. Wishing you good luck and focus.

Anne C. said...

Thanks, ladies. I'm not so positive I've done *everything* I could have possibly done, since I would have liked to have taken a practice exam or two.
But you're right, I'll probably do ok. Luck is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your test!

Sandman said...

Bon Chance!