Getting Stuff Done

Yesterday, I had a pretty productive day:
- read for LEED exam
- weeded and mowed lawn (blech)
- walked to library to return audio book and get new one
- downloaded Revit tutorial material and installed
- got download from bank into Quicken for the first time (a kind of electronic balancing my checkbook)
- responded to some job search related emails

All that in spite of the fact that I was also wrestling with damn Rhapsody! For some reason, it locks up when I try to transfer stuff to my MP3 player. Grrr! I'd like to get it worked out, since walking is NOT the same without my stories.
Today will not be the day to get it worked out though. I have to get my reading in before heading out to do a couple of errands, go to see Wolverine this afternoon, and then to a presentation on India given by my friends. I'll be wearing my sari for moral support.

How about you all? Busy days?

Edited to Add:
I also got this great picture of the Fava Bean Salad that Susan made for our night of babysitting and gourmet food. Susan had enough ingredients that she made it the next day for her husband. Being a diligent foodie, she took a picture for me. :)

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