Cat Blogging Friday

In some parts of the world, it is Cat Blogging Friday. There are variants, like Boogie Blogging Friday, but I, myself, generally avoid doing what other people are already doing. I'm a bit of a contrarian, you see.
BUT, in order to be a true contrarian, you must occasionally be contrary to contrarianism. And so, with that double negative in mind (and a desire to post about the cats, as they have been pictorially absent from the blog lately), I bring you: The Boys Getting Some Yard Time.

Matti enjoys watching the birds, who stay damnably out of reach.

Martin doesn't like to lie or walk on crumbly, shifting things like leaves. He prefers more reliable surfaces, such as rocks, brick, and concrete.


Janiece said...


Stacey said...

I didn't know it was Cat Blogging Friday...damn...when you're camping you are soooo out of touch. Since we don't have a cat anymore :*( I guess I'll just have to mention all the 'cat' scat and prints we have seen all over South Dakota. By 'cat' I mean Bobcat. Thanks for getting me up to speed on current events.

kimby said...

What handsome boys!

Random Michelle K said...

Adorable pictures!

FYI, by being contrarian, you're missing an easy content day. Just sayin'.


Mummy Grabill said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Anne C. said...

Being contrarian generally does lead to a more challenging path. :/