It Was a Green Kinda Day

Today, I splurged. I spent a little green to buy a little green.
I've been wanting to buy some herbs to keep in pots. I hate paying $2-3 for packaged herbs that go bad in a day. Today, on my way home from lunch, I stopped at Echter's, a very nice nursery near my house to see what they had. The plants were so happy and healthy, they were practically chirping. I spent a bit more than I had expected to, but I also got an awesome deal on a large glazed pot that was damaged. Those little plants are so cute. They are so excited to be alive, they sound like kindergartners. Take a look:

What chatterboxes. :D
Here they are in their new homes. So cute!

Let me introduce them (left to right): (back row) the parsley brothers (curly and flat leaf), spearmint, lemon thyme; (front row) Italian basil, Thai basil, and rosemary. With any luck, I'll manage to keep them alive for a while.

Then, for dinner, I made fresh spinach pasta. It was SO good. Mmmmm...
Here was the process:

The balls of dough.

Kneading the dough with the machine set at the widest aperture.

Cutting the dough. (I ended up needing to pull them apart a bit, since fibers would cross over a cut.) You can kinda see my fingers through the dough. That's partly because I rolled it one notch thinner (6) than normal linguini would be. I made it lingini fini -- which I'm so glad I did, because it kept it incredibly tender.

The final product. I am out of Parmesan, but butter and coarse salt was just fine. :D


And because no discussion of green can be considered complete without a reference to a particular song:

I love green.


WendyB_09 said...

One of my favorites.

Stacey said...

I can't wait to see the kindergartners.
What - no reference to Mr. Greenjeans?
My word verification is chipper, how appropriate

Random Michelle K said...


Mummy Grabill said...

Ummm . . . did I turn down the spinach pasta when you offered it? What was I thinking! Give me a list of the ingredients and I'll invite you over to make it for me! (Aren't I sweet!?) :-)

LOVE the herb plants. Herb gardening is, IMHO, the most rewarding gardening experience.

Ummmm . . . my word verification is "sperm" . . .