Comedy Relief Time

Too much serious talk going on here... needs a little leavening:

Ah... much better... ;)


Charley said...

You know I have my socks on, Anne! w00t!

Anne C. said...

Some of the best presents I've ever gotten have been socks. I think I overlook buying them when I go to the store, and just buy utilitarian socks, which I then proceed to wear into the ground. (I even repair my socks when they get holes!) Gift socks, on the other hand, tend to be better than my average socks. They're warm and fuzzy, like the ones my SIL gave me for Christmas, that I'm wearing now. They're fun colors, like the pink and magenta Argyle ones my SIL got for Easter from my cousin. They're woolen and perfect for hiking and long walks, like the super-engineered ones my dad got from my brother for Christmas.

So next time you get socks as a gift, sincerely thank the person who gave them to you. It's a very thoughtful gift!