Thinking About Growing a Beard

I don't know if you know this about me, but I occasionally worry about imposing on others. (Those that DO know me, please keep your chuckles to a dull roar considering how obvious this is to you.)
Today (and lately in general, probably because of the new relationship), I've been more worried than usual that I'm imposing my needs/wants/personality on those around me. I know I can get enthusiastic about things, and that can be perceived as overbearing, but I really do try to be considerate of others' space.
It's times like these that I feel like taking a break from socialization and becoming a hermit. Because worrying about crap like this just wouldn't happen if I didn't have any friends! ;) Hermits have other things to worry about... like the level of the water in the creek they wash in once a month, or what to do about that especially noisy frog outside their hut.


Ilya said...

Even the best of friends and partners cannot help but occasionally invade each other's space. I've little doubt that anyone who loves you can handle your occasional over-enthusiasm. And expect the same attitude from you in return.

What I'm trying to say, really, is that the title of this post really scared me :)

Anonymous said...

Again, with the similarities! Although, I have to say I never WANTED to worry about the level of the water in the creek... that's one of the reasons I moved away from my parents' well and into a townhouse with city water. Hermit or not, nobody messes with my hot showers! HAHAHA

Another alternative to the train of thought that causes you to worry about being imposing, is that perhaps the people around you would lead much more boring, hum-drum, unexciting lives if you didn't give them the OPPORTUNITIES to join you in the fun, festivities and mayhem. ;) Food for thought.

(But if you are going to be a hermit? Promise you'll let the furkids take care of that noisy frog before I arrive in April, knocking on your woodland lean-to or Shire-esque lodgings!) HAHA

Janiece said...



You're right - you're such a burden.

Max Cutrell said...

I vote for you to NOT grow a beard Anne...and YES, i am imposing my will on you!

Anne C. said...

Ok, so no beard, I guess. Probably a good thing, since I only find a couple random hairs on my chin, jaw, or throat every 6 months or so. Growing an entire beard might take a looooong time.

Thank you, Ilya. That is perfectly true.
Jen, it did occur to me that what I'm worrying about is the negative side to a coin that definitely has a positive side. But acknowledging that would have rained on my pity party! ;) Thank you for pointing it out.
And, alas, there are no frogs or creeks around my current "hovel" since CO is so arid, and I have plenty of hot water. You may anticipate coming with no worries about either.

::snort:: Thank you Janiece. :)

And thank you, Max. Hug! (I miss you!)

Random Michelle K said...

Overbearing? You've hardly been around!


Also, my first thought upon reading your subject was that you were going to be marrying a gay man for show.