Not For Me

Made lasagna for my sister, BIL, and new nephew (OK, he'll get it after it's been processed by my sister's body). I'll drop it off at my sister's tomorrow morning on my way up to my aunt Ruth's where I'll help her maintain substantial eating habits by making "Laverne's Chili." And I'll be taking up two jars of jam, made by our own generous Janiece, one of strawberry jam and the other (mmmmmmmmmmmmm) cranberry walnut jam. Neither of those are for me either.
I'll also be making catfood (for the cats, obviously) tomorrow.

My best hope for something made for me is that I'm making baklava for a party on Saturday and (possibly) brownies for a women's gathering tomorrow night.

Yum! I love making food for others!


belsum said...

And you'll be freezing and shipping one of these lasagnas to me next, right? ;-)

Anne C. said...

Heh. I wish!

No, you'll have to settle for me promising to make you one when you visit me!