Briefly Considered

My good pal, Janiece is working on a site layout overhaul for her blog. Someone in the comments linked to several blogger style templates, a couple of which were somewhat nice and briefly had me considering making some changes around here. I've had this green layout for eons and have looked at Blogger's templates on occasion or fiddled with the colors, but every time have come back to the old design (except for some minor color changes and the photo for the header - THAT I've actually changed periodically). Ultimately it comes down to the fact that I LIKE the design. I like the colors, the rounded corners, the structure. It feels like it represents me pretty well. That's not to say that my head hasn't been turned by some lovely sites (Jen A's blog comes to mind). So, today, I felt the old tug of curiosity to maybe fiddle with the look of my site.

Until I remembered that it would only be procrastinating, since I have a few other tasks/projects I'm supposed to be working on. One of those is revamping my professional website. Derailment averted. All the horses are once again pulling in the same direction. Procrastination postponed.

So you will just have to "put up with" my old design for a while longer. ;)

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