Sooper Dooper

Back when The Incredibles came out, one of the promotional gimmicks they had was an online site where you could figure out your superhero character. Mine was Mega Dyna Gal and she was very fast and nimble, as I recall. I even printed out the ID card they "gave" me.

Today, my buddy Jen A (mentioned two days in a row - not bad, lady!) posted the official results of her superheroization - The Great Shredding Angel. Of course, I wanted to do it too. Rather than obtaining superpowers through the removal of a lobe of thyroid, I've been given powers through the hypnotic gaze of Demento Dog (like Peter Parker and the radioactive spider) and become Demento Dame.

(Those journalists obviously got my name wrong.)
My self-designated powers are flight (hence the cape) and hypnotic mind control.
Not a bad gig, if I do say so myself. Now if I could only convince someone to give me a fun high-paying job.

If you too, wish to establish your superhero credentials, head on over to:
The Hero Factory.


Janiece said...

Demento Dame! HEE!

mattw said...

Evil doers fear the stare of Demento Dame!

Anonymous said...

Methinks that Demento Dame and Shredding Angel should get together and kick some bad guy butt -- screw "suitable" employment! ;)

Anonymous said...

BTW -- "The Meaty" is one of the best "first parts" to these superhero names! LOL

Anne C. said...

I think you're right, Shredding Angel. ;)

And yes, I am "meaty." Yumm!

Rebekah said...

Love the pic. Went myself and became "The Strange Double Bullet"

vince said...

With hypnotic mind control, pick the job, see the person who has the pwoer to make it happen, and with a blast of your hypno-gaze, viola - you are the proud owner of a fun high-paying job.