La Microonda

Got a new microwave (last one imbued my home with the stench of burnt popcorn every time it was used) at Target on Wednesday. I also looked in Bed Bath and Beyond, but the nicer ones they had were more expensive, even with the 20% coupon. I could have gone to Walmart or Kmart, but my impression from looking at what they had online, the microwaves they had were cheaper, but also much cheaper quality.
What I got was a medium-sized, medium-priced, medium-quality microwave for about $100 - which was the right price for an unemployed architect.
I did not get one that would mount to the wall/cabinet, as that was either too big or more expensive. I think I'll have to install a shelf instead.
It works fine and is a bit smaller than the old one, which is nice.

I already started the "make Casa Ana smell nice again" effort by making Michelle's divine brownies and then sharing them with my friend, Ginger, who's been having a crappy week. I think I may have to make chocolate chip cookies and/or Hungarian goulash again.
Rough life.



Random Michelle K said...

I keep forgetting to ask if the DVD player survived the trip....

mattw said...

We're in the market for a new microwave too. Apparently, microwaves don't work so well after a two-year-old opens and slams the door repeatedly. Now, every time we open the door, it shorts the whole circuit.

Unknown said...

Well, damn! Now I remember that you were going to make Michelle's divine brownies for me when I visited. And you didn't!! :-(
Good thing I'm visiting in April.....

Anne C. said...

Michelle, it DID arrive just fine (remember I was asking if there was any owner manual buried in the heaps of packing material). I have been using it happily for a couple weeks now. Thank you so much!

Brenda, you'll have to remind me about the brownies! They are super easy to make.

Random Michelle K said...

Ohh.... right. Owners manual. here somewhere.

(looks out the window)

Nice weather eh?

belsum said...

Strangely, we're still using the same microwave we were given by an overly paranoid friend back in the early 90s. It's old and it's crappy but it works. DVD players, however, are another story. We replaced a DVD/VCR combo less than a year ago and then the replacement also crapped out. So we just used a Playstation 2 for movies and now that's fried, too. *sigh*