Self Medication

If there's anything in the world I could ever be addicted to, it would be chocolate. However, I'm not actually addicted to it. During the India trip, I ate chocolate only once during the entire 3 weeks. Even now, sitting at home a lot, I don't eat much chocolate (thankfully I'm not snacking much at all).

Except I think chocolate is my go-to "drug" when I'm feeling anxious or stressed. I know I used to eat chocolate when I'd get back from an owner meeting. Yesterday, I got my first bank statement with zero in the incoming column and I took a closer look at my budget. And I opened a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips. My equivalent of pouring myself a glass of scotch.

So, is that an addiction? It's certainly self-medication!


Janiece said...

Don't feel bad.

For me it's DOUGHNUTS.


Yes, I'm a Homer.

vince said...

You could self-medicate with a lot worse things. Hang in there!

Mummy Grabill said...

Yes - that would be a bit of a shock. I agree with vince, you could self-medicate with something a lot worse. Big Hug!

Stacey said...

It's only an addiction if you ate the whole bag, went out, bought another bag, rinsed and repeated. I think you are safe for now.

Anne C. said...

Thank goodness, I did not eat the whole bag -- perhaps a half-cup.
And I'm feeling OK, just felt like I'd been doused with a bucket of cold water. o.O