Progress, of a Sort

I think I've recreated my resume about 6 times now on different programs (in an attempt to find the best combination for printing AND making a PDF). However, I've recently gotten an *cough*upgrade*cough* to some key programs and I think I've got it licked. I've also made some critical strides forward in the other documents I need.

It's just been slow.

I've figured out the equation for success, however - stay off the internet.

And with that, I'll return to my work. :)


Jim Wright said...

Stay off the Internet?

That's just crazy talk right there is what that is.

Stacey said...

I agree Jim, I think Anne might need an intervention....

Random Michelle K said...

No, use the internet as a reward.

After I send out X resumes, I can have X time on the internet.