Cool Map

I just discovered this on my friend Saqib's new website, so I thought I'd post about it here. It's an up-to-date representation of the face of the planet. Ostensibly it's to show where the daylight is, but it also claims to update the cloud patterns every 3 hours. This is the Peters version. They also have 4 other versions (because the world is a sphere and it's kinda hard to show a 3D object in 2D).

Go look at the full size version. I'll wait here...

Isn't that COOL? I love the lights that show up in the darkened portion.

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Unknown said...

I've had this software on my computer as my "desktop" for several years now. It is called "EarthDesk" and I enjoy seeing the different weather patterns every day. This last summer it was remarkable to see the hurricanes being generated off the coast of Africa and make their way across the Atlantic in a long string.
I love it. You can set the view to anywhere on the planet, and have it as a globe or flat. You can have it as geographic or political; with or without moonlight (seeing the variation on darkness because of the moonlight is striking); you can have it on subsolar or sublunar viewpoints, or equatorial sunrise or moonrise, etc. There are a huge variety of views. I have a Mac so I don't know if it is obtainable or works well with PCs.