Dumb Ad

Saw the dumbest advertisement this afternoon:

Silver Sonic XL
Kind of like a James Bond super hearing device
Why is it dumb?
One of its "virtues" is that it is disguised by looking like one of those hands free phone things. Little do they know that those are pretty well universally despised because they make their wearer appear to be a self-absorbed wanker (or douchebag, if you prefer). I know one of the biggest wankers I've ever met wore one of those phone things and when a coworker was doing a humorous imitation of him, all he had to do was put one of those on to be instantly recognizable.

So, be cool and wear a Super Sonic XL (and overhear compliments about yourself! ;) that people think is a supercool bluetooth handsfree headset. They'll think you're so important!




Anonymous said...


I thought the SAME THING when I saw that ad! ;)

mattw said...

My father in law was talking about getting one of those for my grandfather in law so that he doesn't have to really turn up the TV. His TV watching habits are really annoying. After seeing the commerical though, I agree that they make you look like a douchebag.

Janiece said...

The Smart Man has a Blue Tooth headset, which he really likes.

Of course, he only wears it when he's, you know, on the phone.

vince said...

I've seen that ad a number of times, and always thought it was kinda dumb.

Awhile back I was at a restaurant with some people I do work for, and a guy came in with one of those. He had it on all the time we were there, and never once talked to it. We all made fun of him.

Those devices are useful as long as you have them one only when you need them. Sadly, a lot of people see them as a status symbol, or feel they're so important that no call can be missed.

The stupidity, it does burn.

Mummy Grabill said...

I also use my Blue Tooth wireless - but like Janiece's smart man, I only wear it while . . . on the phone. Being aware of what a wanker it makes you look like, I try not to use it in public. :-)