Friends, Feet, and Food

No, not Feet IN Food, that would be the old fashioned stomping of grapes or something.

Yesterday I headed on down to Janiece's house to meet up with her so we could go sit in lovely massage chairs while having our feet soaked and fussed over and fun colors painted on our toes. It was, as usual, a lovely time, but it only got better from there.

I got to see the fabulous Kindle (which has an extremely readable screen! Not like looking at an electronic readout at all) and meet Janiece's very nice son. I also petted the Incomparable Boogie (tm).

For dinner we (Janiece, her funny and smart husband (T), their equally-entertaining longtime friend (D), and I) went to dinner at Junz, a wonderful French/Asian restaurant with divine sushi. Janiece had some delicious Sea Bass on mushroom risotto, and I admit that if there hadn't been sushi there, that would have been my choice. I, being a)indecisive or b) adventurous, had an "appetizer-sized" portion of Broiled Yellowtail Collar (Ha! It was half the collar) AND sushi. The collar was very tasty, but the sushi was, as I said, divine. T and D were the main sushi eaters and cleared a table-load of fresh fish. They really know how to enjoy sushi. The fish was so tender and fresh. The Yellowtail and green onion roll was as heavenly as that first real FISH roll that converted me from eating veggie and California rolls to being a real sushi eater. All of it was excellent. AND I got to have Toro for the first time which was... hmmm running out of superlatives... ah... transcendent. I understand now, why it belongs up there at the top of the sushi hierarchy. Sigh. Give me a moment...

Ok, I'm back.

This restaurant also has excellent martinis (I had Raspberry Lemondrop and the others a regular Lemondrops). Very smooth. The sake was good too. And Janice let me have some of her dessert - it was a mango ice cream wrapped in a rice pastry. Not only was the flavor excellent, but the pastry gave it a fun, chewy texture that I really enjoyed.

I can see why this is one of their favorite restaurants.

Adding to the sensory delight of the good food was the delightful conversation. All three of my dining companions are fun, intelligent, irreverent, and thoughtful people. Our conversation pretty much ran the gamut of subjects and it was never boring or dull. I laughed a lot and felt relaxed and appreciated. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

Thank you, Janiece + 2 SmartMen. I had a wonderful time. It's people like you that make life GOOD.

(Janice has put up her own post, both pre-event and post-event)


Nathan said...

I don't care what any of you say. I know you ate sushi with your toes. (I hope you used the ginger slices to properly cleanse your...)

Anne C. said...

Like people use lemon slices to get yucky smells off their hands?
Maaayyyybe... ;)

Janiece said...

I can assure you there was no toe-eating.

But there was a number of toe-sts!

Thanks for coming down, Anne. Too fun!

Anne C. said...

Hee! Nice one, Janiece.