Baron Watch: Day 3

All is well.
The cats are very relaxed around him now, though a little irritated that they have more competition for my attention. He likes to give them a big sniff as they pass... funnily enough just then, he wandered by to sniff me and the Dell Mini, then lean in to be scratched (it's a little like having a horse lean into you when you scratch).
He's still slow about eating his kibble, but I figure if I stay on routine, it'll self correct. No, I'm not feeding him too many treats. :P
We went for a medium sized walk yesterday evening, which he enjoyed very much. He loves his walkies! If it gets reasonably warm like it did yesterday, we may go on a long walk around the lake. Otherwise, I think today's schedule is filled with "follow Anne while she cleans up around the house."

Well, we went for a long walk around the lake and now Baron is sacked out in his crate. Hee!

Still Later:
YAY! Baron ate all his dinner! He's officially settled in now. Whew!
And now he's dragged his blanket out of his crate and is playing with it. Wierd doggy. ;)


belsum said...

So are you thinking you need to get one of you own yet?

MWT said...

He sounds like a great big cutie. :) And I'm enjoying these updates.

Anne C. said...

I've decided not to get a dog while I remain single. I don't feel like I would be able to give it the care it deserves. I would always have to be back within a certain amount of time and anytime I went out to visit friends (which is a lot, since my socialization is outside the house) I would be leaving the dog for long periods with only the cats for company. The dynamics of this would change if I had an SO who could share the responsibility.

Until then, it's cats for me.
And being a doggy auntie!

Anne C. said...

Thanks, MWT. And you're right, he is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Yay for Baron finally settling in... I can't wait to see a picture of him with the cats -- I've never seen a giant Schnauzer before! Are they leaners, like Dobermans?

PS -- I can't wait to have my own dog, but I'm TOTALLY with you on the "not while I'm single" route! I consider myself a great doggie auntie (dubbed Auntijen), but I don't feel like it'd be fair to get a dog until I have a SO to help me out.

Back up plan? My friend Jamie and I will buy houses next to one another and be each others SO's, allowing us each to travel or share in pet-sitting expenses so we can travel together! :)

Anne C. said...

So far every time there's been a photo op, the camera's not within reach. I'll see about planning for that.

In the meantime I'll post a link.

And your back up plan sounds like a great idea. :)