Baron Watch: Day 4

All is well.
Baron's learning to snooze while I'm being boring (like now), which is nice.
Until I can get a photo, here's a Google image search for those of you who are curious what a giant schnauzer looks like. Baron is pretty much exactly like that.
It's a little like having a small horse around the house. He's around 30" tall at the shoulder and very fit. He's got a cropped tail and cropped ears and his coat is kept short, except for his shaggier legs and handsome eyebrow trim and beard and mustache.
We'll go for a walk later and I'll try and take a photo then.

Later: We took a long walk around the other lake. My thighs were starting to go numb after the halfway point, so we mostly jogged back from there. Now Baron will probably nap while I clean up the downstairs for guests.

Still Later:

Per popular request, here's a photo of Baron and Martin enjoying the sun.
I, on the other hand, have been toiling away in the basement.


vince said...

That is a cute picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- you know, a photograph never fails to best a description in inches when trying to get my brain to understand an animals' size... Baron is very handsome! I wish Miss K took as well to canine guests as your Martin obviously does! ;)

MWT said...

Awww... :)

Jeri said...
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Jeri said...

Those are some serious ears - those alone are about the size of Martin's head.

I'm glad Baron is settling in so well. Remember, you have to give him back. ;)

(reposted to correct name usage)