Jimmy Stewart Returns

The vertigo issue from Thanksgiving came back this morning, though not as bad, so I went to the doc (I love my doc, he's very cool) and he confirmed that it was either labyrinthitis (the coolest illness name, as Tania and my mum both noted) or BPV. The good news is neither is lethal, the bad news is there's no drugs for either of them, just wait until it goes away by itself. He also gave me some exercises to re-adjust the inner ear. So, after attempting to go to work (bad idea), I went home and took a four hour nap. Feeling a bit better now, but looking forward to sleeping more.

And now I'm having the urge to watch the Stewart and Hitchcock film.


Stacey said...

JRs mom has BPV. She does take an anti-dizzy med but she said the only thing that really helps are the exercises.

belsum said...

Does this affect your ability to work on, you know, skyscrapers?

Anne C. said...

When I'm having vertigo issues, yes, it does, even inside - moving my head around a lot to look at things makes me dizzy. I've been doing pretty well other than Tuesday.
So far, the biggest challenge (which I haven't attempted yet) is reviewing the stair core, which would require a lot of walking in circles.