...is a cool word.

Anywho, random things from today:
Martin suddenly jumped up to where I was sitting on the couch and pressed his head against my hand. It was such a cute request! "Put your hand HERE!" Actually, I think the cats identify more with my hands than they do with my face. "Ah yes, the feeding appendages that also pet and scratch. Excellent. Why don't you have more than two?"

I found it very difficult to get out of bed this morning. Not because it was cold (which it was) or because I was tired (I wasn't) but because I really just didn't want to interact with the day.
Fortunately, I talked myself into taking off the entire week between Christmas and New Years. It should be nice to get a breather (even if the project IS winding down).

Reading while eating lunch really is one of the seminal pleasures of life.

Bitter cold is not fun.

I need new shoes.

It's time for bed.

ETA: Jenn, posting at the same time as I was posting, talks about cats being heat-powered and the addiction of reading. Clearly, she is a fellow member of BA (Bookaholics Anonymous).


Anonymous said...

Um... In another freaky example of how we were separated at birth: late last night -- around 12:30ish, which is when my Reader said you posted -- I posted about MY CAT (and her love of being hot hot hot) and READING WHILE EATING. ;) HAHAHA!

Nathan said...

My cats don't seem to differentiate between hands and feet. "Rub my head with anything. It's all cool"

Anne C. said...

Heh. Yup, accounting for time change, we were posting about the same things at the same time. Weird! :D

belsum said...

That reminds me, I need to go grab my lunch and then find something to read while eating it!