Weekend Update

- Went to help G & K set up for their party. Found siblings there too! :D
- Drove back to Denver for the office Christmas party. It was nice but I get tired of all the organized activities that start very late. I think I'm getting old. ;)
- Left the party just as the snow started coming down. Got home safely, but was really glad there weren't many cars on the road.
- Didn't have to clear the sidewalk as the neighbor did it for me! Now I'll need to make cookies as a thank you. :)
- Put up exterior decorations. Hurt thumb. :(
- Wrapped presents
- Wrote blog post
- Can't make choc. chip cookies, 'cause there's only a half a bag of milk chocolate chips in the house. The horror! (And I'm too lazy to go out to the grocery store at the moment.)
- Cleaned the bathroom and my thumb still hurts. (Wah!)
- Went to Home Depot for some house project supplies
- Had dinner w/ a friend
- Watched TV and knitted :)


Nathan said...

Well see? That's the problem with living in CO and thinking you're all brave about the snow and everything.

Here, when they predict snow (dusting or more), we all panic and stock up on chocolate chips. :)

Jeri said...

There are other kinds of cookies besides chocolate chip. (although bittersweet chocolate chip pecan are one of my favorite kinds)

There's molasses crinkle. Snickerdoodle. Blonde brownie. Pecan shortbread. Oatmeal raisin. (or cranberry) Pumpkin raisin. Peanut butter. Pecan coconut. Linzer torte. Lemon bar. Chocolate crinkle. Macaroon.

Happy baking, when you get around to it!

Ilya said...

At least somebody is having office Christmas parties...

Anne C. said...

Very sensible, Nathan. ;)

True, Jeri, but this would be for the neighbor and Choc. Chip is less of a gamble.

Ilya, we did quite a few cost saving measures (like committee members baking desserts), but yes, it was nice to have a Christmas Party.

Mummy Grabill said...

I'm entirely with Nathan on the Snow Emergency Strategy - while others are focusing on silly things like toilet paper and water, I think it's very wise to go for the chocolate chips (and milk, for after you make the cookies). In a 'true' emergency situation, these luxury commodities are going to go for much higher prices on the bartering market. :-)

Anne, we must have been on the same wave length because I *did* make Choc Chip cookies on Sunday. I promised Brian I'd give them all away since he'd like to commit to a pre-Christmas 'healthy week' prior to the inevitable Christmas-week food extravaganza!

On another note - I must be a Spam Computer today because I can't see the Visual Verification word . . . I must be a cylon or something.