Run Off My Feet

Sorry I haven't been more communicative lately, folks. My days have been filled lately, and that leaves little time for blogging. Here's a brief rundown of what's keeping me busy:
- Had lunch with fellow UCFer, Janiece. She was in good health and good spirits and had a beautiful and very cute red and spiky haircut. It so perfectly suits her, though I understand the color is still being worked on. We had a great time chatting about all manner of things. She has a great story about a yogurt brain she overheard while waiting for me to arrive. Her Smart Man and Smart Boy seem to be keeping things lively for her.
- I'm trying to tidy and clean the house pretty thoroughly before my dad comes to housesit while I'm gone.
- I'm preparing for not one, but two parties this coming weekend. One is a time and labor intensive dinner party. I'll blog more on that some other time. In a nutshell, it's an annual Spring Dinner that I do to treat some of my nearest and dearest. Two problems with that: one is too complicated to get into, but the second is that my nearest and dearest don't really fit around one table anymore. So, I planned a second, very informal, party. It'll be the following day and will be an open house, so that my friends will be able to drop by when it's convenient and stay for as little or as long as they like. I really need more seating for something like that, but I've never let that stop me before.
- I've been trying to get things (like finances) tidied up for my trip so I'll have bills paid and money available while on the trip.
- I have not yet started planning what to take with me. I have a small pile of things it has occurred to me to take, but I've not really gotten to the 7 pairs of socks, 3 t-shirts stage of packing.
- I have been trying to get things at work squared away for the guy who is taking care of my project while I'm gone.
- I am trying to get to bed on time, so I can manage to get up and *&%#$ exercise.

That being said, I think I'll go to bed. Sweet dreams, everyone!


Random Michelle K said...


Either one of your friends was drinking and commenting, or you've got a spammer.

Though I have to admit I kinda like the idea of "the images on the secret"

Anne C. said...

Spammer. I'm going to delete it.

Unknown said...

Well, blast! After those two cryptic comments I wonder what the other was. Oh, well....
Keep busy.

Mummy Grabill said...

It's SO HARD to get ready for vacation! It's like you need a vacation afterwards! ;-)

Random Michelle K said...


If you like, we can make our own spam for Anne.

And make it just as nonsensical and cryptic as regular spam.

Come to MICHELLE's rAnd0m Bl0G! All the flower pr0n and 2ice the sPAm!!

Come visit us at http://klishis.com/notreally/

Anne C. said...

I highly recommend Michelle's blog, for many reasons -- from philosophical and flower pr0n.

John the Scientist said...

Got your vaccinations yet? Malaria prophylaxis? Bug spray? Cipro?

Believe me, take that last one propylactically the minute eat your first meal or drink anything in India. My recent experience in Thailand I would not wish on anyone.

Anne C. said...

Yes, I got a shot for Hep A (booster in 6 months, would have been better if I'd gotten that too, but what can you do?) and just finished my Typhoid vaccination series (oral). I'll be taking antibiotics for the malaria. (I think that's what it's for. That and other stuff.) I've got something for other possible gastrointestinal ailments, but I understood that to be a postscriptive situation, rather than *pre*scriptive.
Bug spray with Deet, I understand is another biggie.

That reminds me, I need to phone the bank to let them know I'll be out of the country.

belsum said...

So much to do. I always like to clean before vacation, too. And I'm an incurable pack-the-night-before-er!

Anne C. said...

Hee! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Staying up late to pack is one of the reasons I rarely have trouble sleeping on the plane.