A Good Day

Definition of a good day:

- Gorgeous weather (sunny and in the 70s)
- Rode the motorcycle to work
- Ate a decent lunch (white clam pizza - ok, but would have been better without so much cream sauce) in the sunshine on the restaurant patio
- Discovered a nice English-style pub with pretty good food
- Met a new acquaintance (friend of a friend)
- Didn't get home too late
- Caught up on New Amsterdam (I hope they continue it!) episodes with a cat sleeping on my lap

- Will go to bed kinda on time

A few tweaks (like getting lots done at work) would have made this a great day, but there's always tomorrow. :)


Random Michelle K said...

I think that qualifies as an awesome day!

Unknown said...

There is "always" tomorrow for getting things done at work....
Cats on laps are the best!

Tom said...

I have New Amsterdam recorded, but I haven't watched it yet. I had a lot of shows recorded Monday night.

Laura F. said...

Yay!! Someone else who likes New Amsterdam. I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but plan to do so tonight. I started watching because I like the concept (very similar to Angel, which I miss terribly, and is also why I started watching Moonlight) and I've really enjoyed it. I hope they renew it as well.