Googled Work

I was looking something up on Google Earth yesterday (yes, it was semi-work related) and noticed that my project is on there. Not in the street view, which was taken over two years ago:
In the satellite view, however, you can see the formwork for the 7th level (aka "the pool deck"):

Cool, huh?


Nathan said...

That's very cool. I remember checking the imagery regularly to see when they'd update it to show that I had a new roof. (Old one was black tarish stuff and new one is silver.)

I think it took about 3 months to see an update.

Anonymous said...

the 7th level is really going to have a pool? awesome! I also really like the roof on it.

Anne C. said...

Heh. It's pretty small. About 15 x 45 feet and 4 feet deep. There is a spa though.

I like the roof too. It nearly didn't have that shape, and I'm glad someone dug in their heels to keep it.

belsum said...

Very cool. I've checked out my campus on Google before. It's amazing how different it looks from above.

Unknown said...

This bird's-eye view of your project is fun! Do you have a rough idea when this would have been taken? I'm just curious to know how often Google is updating their imagery =)

I *must* get down there for a tour of the site while that's still possible.

Anne C. said...

That would be mid May 2007.

I have at least a couple friends who have expressed an interest in a tour. The trouble is, although I'm perfectly willing to give up my work time (or not, the site is open and working on Sat.), I am required to have an escort, which means someone else is taking time (1-2 hours) out of their work day to escort me. I might be able to combine it with my usual walk, but I'm not sure.