A Gathering of Tats

I have three tattoos, but they're all part of the same set, so I've taken a picture of all three. The middle one (yes, it's upside down, but right side up to me) was the first and is a bit washed out by the flash - it's not as faded as it looks. The octopus was second and the horse is a week old and still peeling. They are all symbolic in a way, but too complex to explain in a blog post. I drew them all myself, sometimes working from something else, sometimes completely from scratch. The location is on my thigh, high enough to be hidden by a skirt, low enough to be seen when I have shorts on.

These are Stacey's tattoos. The first was drawn by her daughter and is located on her back, between her shoulder blades. The fact that she can't look at it directly is a trade off for an awesome look when she's wearing an open backed dress with her hair up.
This is Stacey's second and resides on her right ankle. It's based on a photograph of a plant called Wandering Jew. The tattoo artist definitely has a talent for shading and color, as you can see here. I'll be interested to see how it ages. If I ever do get another tattoo, it will probably be color. I had no idea how lovely it could look.

In other news:
- My brother, his girlfriend, my canine nephew, and myself are now immortalized in Google Street View.
- Today I bought a new set of stainless steel pots and pans. Through the magic of 20% of a coupon and three gift cards, it was actually affordable! Now I have to figure out what to cook! ;)


Random Michelle K said...

I am green with envy over your new pots and pans.

Not only can I not afford to replace my current pots with All Clad, but even if we had them my grandmother couldn't lift them to use them.


Also. I love your tattoos. And I like the wandering jew, although the green on my plant is darker.

Anne C. said...

Picky picky... ;)

I feel very extravagant getting new pots and pans, since my old pans are [gasp!] NOT falling apart. I actually got those ones from friends who had upgraded themselves.

And there'll be plenty of time for heavy pans later. It's worth the sacrifice of light pans to have grandmother around to use them. (Both mine are gone and my great aunt recently had a stroke, so I know whereof I speak.)

Janiece said...

Cool tats. I'm a tat kind of gal myself.

And congrats on your pots and pans.

Is teh great aunt who just had a stroke the one you've blogged about before?

I'll think good thoughts...

Stacey said...

I'm so glad about your new pots and pans. Can't wait to see them or better yet, eat something made in them :)
There are four or five varieties of Wandering Jew; green, green variegated, a purple variegated, this hybrid and I think one other, that is escaping me. This is the one my mom had most often in the house. Also, I am of Jewish descent and have spent a number of my years on this plant exploring to find hearth and home, which I finally found with my wonderful spouse and this glorious state called Colorado.

Jenn said...

I love your set of tattoos. The thing that has always attracted me most to them is the uniqueness that makes them yours and yours alone.

The colorful flower is most beautiful. The artist, really has a good eye for color and talent.

Mummy Grabill said...

Janiece, the great aunt that Anne is speaking of is not the same as the one she blogged about before. Our great aunt, Molly, is a spitfire of a lady in Argentina; she is our maternal grandmother's sister.

Anne - Don't forget Strider on the Google Maps thing! :-) He's been immortalized how he lives his life - wondering "when are you going to give me that toy!?" :-)

Anne C. said...

Thanks guys. I love having unique tattoos.

Aileen - That's how I knew that picture wasn't a trick by Max. Strider was looking at his toy, wondering when he would get to carry it again.

Nathan said...

I wanna be on a googlemap. (/envy)

I already like my Cuisineart pots and pans, so I'm withholding jealousy on that part. Enjoy them, though. They look terrific.

Nathan said...

And check out this link Pixelfish put up today.

Anne C. said...

That is so cool, Nathan! Thanks for posting it. :)

Random Michelle K said...

Oh I wasn't saying it was *bad*! I have two different species of Wandering Jew at home.

Mine are actually more green because they've been inside all freaking winter, and will purple up once I can get the out on the porch.

Anne C. said...

I know. I was teasing you, Shelly Jo. ;)

vince said...

I think your tats are cool. I don't have any, 'cause I hate needles. But I admire them on others when done well, as yours are.

And posting the pictures from your Vegas trip was great. let the rest of us vicariously enjoy visiting Vegas. I've been to Reno, but never Vegas.

Random Michelle K said...

(indignant look)

Shelly Jo?

Anne C. said...

I mean... Michelle.
[looks contrite]

Nathan said...

It occurs to me that I should probably be getting all indignant and stuff and start bitching about calling an invasive plant a "wandering jew". Somehow, I can't work up the energy to care.

This is my official invitation for someone else to champion the cause.

::nap time::

Random Michelle K said...

Invasive plant?

It's a houseplant and quite beautiful?

I'm not getting why there should be upset?

vince said...

Michelle, there are three plants that I know of called "Wandering Jew." The one officially known as Tradescantia fluminensis or small-leaf spiderwort is considered an invasive species in both Australia and New Zealand. Because it tolerates shade very well, it forms a dense mat underneath forest tree cover and can destroy a forest by smothering ground-level plants and preventing the natural regeneration of taller species. It's also easily spread by both by animals and humans.

Random Michelle K said...

Oh yeah.

There are places that are, like, warm all year round.

Funny, that.

belsum said...

I'd really love to hear the story behind your tats. I'm fascinated by the meaning that people have to their ink. I have a whole list of additional ones that I intend to add to my measly two. Someday.